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How It Works


After establishing sponsorship, you will receive via mail a Welcome Packet. This includes an individual photo and case history for your sponsored child and also your Overseas Child Sponsorship pin and remittance forms for future payments.

You will be sent a receipt after each donation you make so please keep these receipts. We are a non-profit organization, therefore, your donations are tax deductible.

The children are encouraged to send letters or drawings to their sponsor and will answer letters written by the sponsors over the duration of the sponsorship.

Mailing packages to the children is discouraged due to stringent government regulations and exorbitant duty charges, which must be paid by The Salvation Army homes. However, gifts which can be included with a card or letter (bookmarks, postcards, photos, etc.) can be mailed.

The money given toward the care of a child may not cover all of the needs of a sponsored child but it will greatly aid in the purchase of food, clothing, school fees, supplies, and medical/dental needs. You will help bring long-term changes to their community by creating a happier and healthier environment to grow up in.